Uta Schulz now Systemic Organizational Consultant

On 12 February 2014 Uta Schulz concluded with success the training to become a systemic organizational consultant.

Systemic consultancy sees the organization as an adaptive, intelligent organism and believes that the complexity of transformation processes can be detected only with crosslinked systemic thinking and a holistic approach.

The diagnosis of systems and subsystems of an organization is the basis for targeted interventions to optimize process flows to tangible client orientation, the integration of different cultures and the achievement of quality characteristics.

The training was based on the theoretical foundations of systems theory with the representatives Bateson, Watzlawick , von Foerster , Luhmann and Willke, as well as on the organizational development theory and their representatives Lewin, Schein, Senge and Scharmer. Then there are the classics of Schulz von Thun, Riemann, Schreyögg and others.

Instructor was Vera Schley of IOS, Institut für Organisationsentwicklung & Systemische Beratung (www.ios-schley.de).

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