Experiencing Sweden in Hamburg

Sweden fans and interested people are now able to experience Sweden in Hamburg. Many Swedish companies have settled in Hamburg in recent years and people no longer have to travel to Sweden to explore Swedish lifestyle. For example, to enjoy Swedish food and drink, to buy cars in "Swedish quality", to sleep in Swedish beds, to dress in Swedish clothes and Swedish sports equipment, or to furnish their homes in a classic Swedish style just go to the next Swedish shop around the corner. Even dogs and cats can benefit from Swedish quality products – and anyone who yearns for the Swedish summer can learn Swedish dancing ....

In order to be able to find the Swedish "insider tips" in Hamburg, a folder with the title “Schweden erleben in Hamburg” has now been published. It points the way to a number of renowned Swedish companies. It is available in the participating companies AutoNova, Bozita, Isabel Edvardsson – DIE Tanzschule, Granit, Hästens, Indiska, Johanson Design, Karlsons, Frau Larsson, Mackmyra Swedish Whisky, Scandic Hamburg Emporio, Swedish Gustaf-Adolfs-Church, Stenströms and Svenska Intensiv.

Or simply ask SveTys - Intercultural Management (info@svetys.net) and the folder will be sent by post.

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